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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Organ donation and kidney transplant list in Turkey

From Today's Zaman, Turkey.
The kidney transplant list is rather long for a country of 77 million.
In 2008, the country with the highest donation rate was Spain (38.2). Western countries usually have higher donation figures with the US registering 29.6 donors per million in 2008, followed by France (25.7), Italy (25.4), Germany (18.9) and England (16.2). Israel’s donation figure was 13.2, while it was 10.5 in Greece and 6.0 in Bulgaria. The only nation that did more poorly than Turkey was Romania, where the number of donors per million was 2.0.
Currently there are 20,000 people listed on the Health Ministry’s kidney transplant list, about 2,000 patients waiting on the liver transplant list and about 1,000 waiting for new hearts.

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