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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Gov. Schwarzenegger Signs SB 1395 Establishing Kidney Donor Registry

Legislation Makes it Easier for Californians to Affirm Their Organ Donor Status, Creates Nation’s First Kidney Donor Registry
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger today issued the following statement after signing SB 1395 by Senator Elaine Alquist (D-Santa Clara):
“Organ donors are true heroes and I’m proud to sign SB 1395. This legislation will help save the lives of those waiting for a transplant by making it easier for Californians to affirm their preferred organ donor status. It will also create the nation’s first donor registry for kidney transplants to help connect those in need of a transplant with those willing to give. I applaud all of those who were involved in passing this life-saving legislation.”
On March 19, Governor Schwarzenegger and Senator Elaine Alquist (D-Santa Clara) announced the introduction of SB 1395. The legislation will give Californians a choice between registering to be an organ donor or considering at another time via a mandated question through the Department of Motor Vehicles driver license application/renewal or state ID card application process. The legislation also creates the nation’s first living donor registry for kidney transplants to better connect those who want to donate with those in need of a transplant.