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About OrganTx

Overview - Manage transplant patients

     keep track of patient data
          OrganTx handles transplant center-specific and UNOS-required patient information including demographics, history and physical, detailed patient and family medical and social history, diagnostic information, medications and allergies. The information entered here is sufficient to complete all aspects of the UNOS transplant candidate record or TCR. In addition, we also capture center-specific information such as requesting and processing proper medical records from the referring physician, lab tests, education for patient and support persons and psychosocial review before listing.
     manage transplant selection process
          Every transplant center periodically holds selection meetings where patients under evaluation are discussed. Depending on how a specific patient's evaluations goes, he may be selected for listing for a future transplant. OrganTx makes available any information relevant to the transplant selection committee as a one-page summary for easy display and discussion during selection meetings.
     ensure required evaluation/treatment tasks are completed
          Teaching sessions for patients and caregivers are a critical part of the transplantation process. OrganTx keeps a checklist that makes sure that milestones like this education session are completed. ABO and Tissue-typing information are recorded as well. Patient risks are highlighted and flagged for later review.
     government reporting requirements
          The information already captured in OrganTx makes filing the TCR to fulfill the UNOS Transplant Listing Requirement an easy process. OrganTx makes it easier to ensure fulfillment of listing requirements to remove as many barriers between patients and transplants as possible. Make sure all that needs to be done prior to transplantation is done.
     internal team communication between nurses, doctors, social workers and support staff
          OrganTx allows staff to see at a glance the entire history of a transplant patient's pre-transplant and post-transplant care. Events, tests, encounters, decisions and why they were made, physicians' approvals, lab results - all are captured for easy reference and use by medical personnel.

OrganTx Developer
Vimal Goel administered Kidney and Liver Transplant databases for Stanford University Hospital and Lucile Packard Children's Hospital for close to five years. He also computed patient and graft survival statistics using Kaplan-Meier estimator.
In the past he was the vice president of engineering for two Internet companies. He was the principal developer of Xerox TextBridge for Windows - a finalist for Best of Comdex at its launch.
He has a MBA from the University of Minnesota, a MSEE from the University of Texas at Arlington and a BSEE from Panjab University, India.
He develops iOS apps as a hobby and has published Kidney eGFR Estimator for iPhone and iPad.
vgoel AT hiptide DOT com

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